Fashion Fun Facts Friday!!

I bet you didn’t know these fashion fun facts.

16 Fashion Fun Facts

  1. The most common clothing materials are cotton, linen and rayon.
  2. It was acceptable for women to wear shorts during World War 2.
  3. The bikini was named after the Island Bikini. A toll where the United States military tested its bombs in World War 2.
  4. The price of clothing decreased in value by 8.5% since 1992.
  5. The word ‘jean’ comes from the cotton pants worn by ‘genes’.
  6. Black was once taboo to be worn other than when mourning.
  7. Eyeliner became popular after its discovery in King Tut’s tomb in 1920.
  8. The skirt is the second oldest piece of clothing out dated by the loincloth.
  9. More than 2 billion t-shirts are sold a year.
  10. The pencil and A line skirts were created by Christian Dior
  11. In Rome, purple was symbolic to royalty, thus only the emperors and magistrates were allowed to wear it.
  12. Buttons on the sleeves were first introduced as a way to prevent soldiers from wiping their noses with their sleeves. Napoleon Bonaparte created the concept.
  13. Ked is the oldest sneaker company founded in 1916.
  14. Chanel No. 5 started the modern era of perfume and was created by Ernest Beaux.
  15. The first pair of Doc Martens were made out of old tires.
  16. Jewelry was initially worn by men to show off their social status.

That’s all we have for today. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for next week’s Fashion Fun Fact Friday!! Please leave your thoughts below in the comment section and don’t forget to share with family and friends. Ciao!

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