Loewe Fall 2016 Collection

My favorite garment is the dress. I absolutely love dresses. I swear to you, I tend to have a different dress for every day of the week during the summer. Dresses instantly doll you up and so long as your hair looks good, with a couple accessories and a pair of heels, or even sandals, you are good to go. I have multiple dresses that range in price, style and color. The lowest priced dress I have is under $10.00 and the highest being over $150.

I suggest, if you are learning how to develop your own, unique fashion style that you spend your summer in dresses. You can take some tips from the Loewe Collection. I saw this collection while going through Vogue and I had  to share what beauty I saw. Man oh man, this collection is not your typical dress collection. Loewe combines various fabrics and patterns to put together these lovely garments you’ll find below.

Here are a few of my favorite from the Loewe Fall 2016 Collection.

The Loewe Collection so far is my favorite for the Fall of 2016. It’s unique to it’s creator and vibrant to it’s viewer. If you like this share with family and friends. To get the full collection visit Vogue.

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