Gucci Spring 2016 Collection – RTW

Alessandro Michele is the creative director for the luxurious clothing line, Gucci. Alessandro Michele, was appointed to be the creative director, responsible for the global image and fashion collections of the brand, back in 2015. Alessandro is an Italian designer who’s personal style is much more hippie based than the more sophisticated style his predecessor, Frida Giannini.

We chose our favorite 2016 Ready To Wear garments from the Gucci Collection. In these photos, you will have a chance to be introduced and to fall in love with Gucci’s new and talented Creative Designer, Alessandro Michele.


_GUC0261 _GUC0085 _GUC0683 _GUC0609 _GUC1003 _GUC0931 _GUC0491 _GUC0865 _GUC0465 _GUC0843 _GUC0455

It’s safe to say that Alessandro Michele has incorporated his personal hippie taste in his vintage like 2016 collection. Alessandro used a ton of postwar fabric for his dresses, loafers and damask slip-ons. Alessandro Michele did a fabulous job in taking his throne at the Gucci Empire.

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