Word From The Author


Hey There,

Hope the day is treating you well. I’m just writing with a cup of coffee in hand, you know how that goes. Well, I just wanted personally write regarding some new changes to Monet360.net.

My name is Sia Ra and I am the proud founder of Monet360.net. Monet360 degreez is a concept I came up with pretty strategically. Monet is my middle name, and 360 degreez is based upon my mentality as I continue to grow and learn through out my life. Everything comes full circle and at the time of conjuring the name for my blog, certain aspects of my life were beginning to come full circle and really began to make sense to me. Since then, Monet360 has been a birthing process.

Monet360.net is designed to create a bridge between fashion and the entrepreneurial endeavors of many who have made their mark in the fashion industry, no matter big or small. After fashion school, I realized that there was so much more to fashion than what we see celebrities wearing or what trends are gonna hit the scene, I just feel that fashion is so much more than that.

Fashion is art imitating life and lifestyles. Fashion is a way of expressing who we are at our core and should be not taken so lightly. Fashion includes a variety of artistic professions such as photography, modeling, designing, styling, and beauty. Fashion is perhaps the biggest artistic industry ever created and  recognize that.

Monet360.net is undergoing some changes. As the years have gone by, I’ve been figuring out the direction in which my blog is to go. Fashion is cool but I also enjoy uplifting people so that they may become the very best that they can be. Understanding this, I’ve found that fashion is indeed a factor in our everyday success whether we want to believe it or not. Fashion is what makes us feel good and look good to those around us.

I have begun to make my blog more personal. I will be showing off my sense of style, so those reading my blog can really begin to see why I am qualified to style and speak on fashion. I am writing my book, “How To Be A Fashionista,” so stay tuned for that. I want this to be a fun and empowering journey not just for me, but for my readers, men and women alike.

I appreciate each and every reader subscribing to this journey with me. I want to say thank you for believing in me and my vision for my fashion blog. Think of my blog as being more like a vision board.

Best Regards,

Sia Ra


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