MTS Tips On How To Develop Your Style

Have Fun And Get Artsy


Go through some of your favorite fashion magazines and cut out the styles that you find appealing. Then study and compare the styles you cut out. Get you some paper and create a collage out of those styles that you cut out. You will be surprised to find that magazines such as Vogue Italy and Harper’s Bazaar make for some great collages.

Step Out Of The Box


Go on a shopping adventure. Just because you stepped into a retail store, does not mean you have to purchase something. Take your time and go through the clothes. Try to find garments that are close to the styles you cut out of your magazines, mix and match colors, prints, styles. If you’ve never wore a pencil skirt, this would be the time to try one on. If you’re wardrobe tends to lean towards darker colors, go and try on a bright orange top. The idea here is to get you out of your comfort zone and into trying on new styles.

Stay Away From The Trends And Find You A Gem!


Stay away from garments that you see repeatedly throughout the store. There is nothing that is more humiliating than seeing someone in the same exact top that you are currently wearing. You thought your top was cute and embraced the fact that you looked good in your top. Only to find out that you aren’t as unique as you thought you were.

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