MTS Favorite Dresses From 2015 Fashion Collections

Elie Saab 15 Elie Collection 2015 Saab

valentino 215

Valentino 2015 Collection

Stephane Rolland Couture 15

Stephanie Rolland Couture 2015 Collection

Dany Tabet 15

Dany Tabet 2015 Collection

chloe 15

Chloe 2015 Collection

Luis Antonio Spring 2015 rtw

Luis Antonio 2015 Collection 

Diane von Furstenerg 2015

Dianne Von Furstenerg 2015 Collection

valentino 15

Valentino 2015 Collection

Elie Saab 315

Elie Saab 2015 CollectionLaurene Xu Couture 15

Larene Xu 2015 Collection

Dior Haute Couture Collection 415

Dior Haute Couture 2015 Collection

 david-tlale-spring-2015-fashion-bomb-dailyDavid Tlale 2015 Collection

Rochas 2015

Rochas 2015 Collection

Isabel Marant 2015

Isabel Marant 2015 Collection

christian dior 315

Christian Dior 2015 Collection

christian dior 115

Christian Dior 2015


B Michael 2015 Collection

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    1. Come back to visit us soon! Monet360 is a fashion blog designed to inspire through fashion. We recognize models, photographers, designers and other fashion gurus as the dreamers and visionaries local to Denver,CO. We hope to see you join our movement to use innovative tactics to bring back the passion in fashion.


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