Naeem Khan 2015 Couture Resort Collection

Born in Mumbai, Naeem Khan is an Indian- American fashion designer who founded his label, Naeem Khan , in 2003, based in New York City. Naeem Khan has styled many of the worlds most stylish women including,Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood,Eva Longoria, Beyonce and Michelle Obama. Naeem Khan makes all of his sophisticated, clean cut, chic garments by hand. He developed his passion for fashion watching his father and his grandfather design clothing for the elite or royal families, growing up in India. In 2008, Naeem Khan was admitted to the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Naeem Khan is one of the most sought out fashion designers in 2015 and perhaps one of the most talented

We have found that Naeem Khan’s formal gowns of his 2015 resort collection are wonderfully made with beautiful fabrics, combinations of satan and silk that wrap around the body perfectly. Khan’s use of bright and shiny metallics to incorporate a fun, but sophisticated look allows the dress to be more personable to the consumer.

Check Out Our Faves From Naeem Khan’s 2015 Fall Resort Collection






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