16 Passionate Quotes From Legendary Fashion Designer, Vince Camuto

The legendary fashion icon Vince Camuto died January 21, 2015 of prostate cancer in Greenwich, Connecticut. He was 78 years of age when he died.


Vince Camuto was born, John Vincent Camuto, in New York City, June 4, 1936. Vince Camuto was born to Sicilian parents. His father was considered to be an artisan and died when Vince Camuto was just a toddler. Vince Camuto’s mother worked as a seamstress to help support her family after her husband deceased.

Vince Camuto founded the company, regularly found in my mother’s closet, Nine West in 1977 which was designed to provide value, comfort and style to women of ages 25 and up. Vince Camuto later sold Nine West Group for 900 million dollars. However, this was not the end of Vince Camuto’s entreprenuer spree. In 2001, Vince Camuto founded the Camuto Group. In 2005, Vince Camuto founded the Vince Camuto line. In 2007, Vince Camuto opened the first Jessica Simpson Collection, shop and shop. In 2009, Vince Camuto added Lucky Brand Jeans to his line. Today Vince Camuto’s brand is worth over 1 billion dollars.


16 Passionate Vince Camuto Quotes

“Life is an adventure. Seize the opportunity and find your passion.

“I’m passionate about creating a product women really want. Infusing great style, comfort and unparalleled value for every stage of her life.”

“It’s never about one person. It’s about the teams you put in place. Without the right people, you’re going no where.”

“I really listened and learned, especially from the women. They told you what they liked, what they did not like.”

“We don’t think that we can fool her. We give her the best value.”

“At the end of the day if you’re in the fashion industry and you are a man, you have to be able to communicate and find out what women are looking for. You can’t be stubborn or have blinders on.”

“It’s unbelievable, you know, women all know and all like the same thing at the same time. How you guys do it, I don’t know. Truthfully that’s a woman’s thing.”

“I was on Fifth Avenue. I was into the ascetics and beauty. Right style. Right atmosphere. I learned about the fashion.

“I was born in Manhattan and grew up on the lower east side. I did take some business courses along the way, but I had street sense and I loved fashion.”

“The passion for fashion just grew. I love it more than ever before.”

I’m just having fun and following my passion.

“We’re enjoying great success. When you’re building something and you’re dreaming, you’re not thinking about that. You can’t, because then you lose sight of what’s really important about it and you lose your passion and your ability to dream.”

I think I have the left brain and the right brain. I’m always dreaming of how shoes can be. But of course, I’ve learned to be practical as a businessman.

“We’re very excited about what we’re doing. In all of our designs, we have the details women like, the embellishments and the bling, but we’re also very technical in our approach.”

“My namesake line is very close to me; I’m involved in all of it. I conceptualize and think about all the ornamentation and do a lot of visualizing.”

“I have always believed in the power of women. Women are amazing. They understand fashion and they know what they want.”

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