36 Self-Reflecting Donatella Versace Quotes

House of Versace came out in 2013, telling the dramatic story of Donatella Versace’s victory to overcoming the traumatic event surrounding her brother’s death. I can personally say that I was inspired by this biography, because I have genuinely been there. I have been in situations where the light seemed to not exist; where light never seemed to be at the end of the tunnel. I’ve selfishly thrown fits when life seemed to hard and I felt weak. What Donatella went through almost anyone can relate to, but what inspired me the most is how, Donatella did not allow her pride to get in the way when those she loved were serious about walking away. Donatella accepted the fact that her brother died and took responsibility for her actions. The pain that Donatella felt was expressed through her next clothing line that made a name for her within the Versace company.

In my opinion. this biography was awesome in the sense that it showed Donatella Versace in a more intimate way. I guess, I have always wondered what these larger than life fashion stars represent within themselves and seeing Donatella act her own story on film was perhaps the most resignating, allowing me to see that Donatella Versace is only human, blessed with an amazing gift for fashion.

36 Self-Reflecting Donatella Versace Quotes


  1. “I always say that when one door opens, another door opens.”
  2. “Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream.”
  3. “Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas.”
  4. “I think glamour all the time. I wake up in the morning and I’m already thinking glamour.”
  5. “It’s no good being too easily swayed by people’s opinions. You have to believe in yourself.”
  6. “Fashion is all about happiness. It’s fun. It’s important. But it’s not medicine.”
  7. “It would be very easy for us to do a collection that everybody would like and not criticize. But criticism is a part of life. You have to take it. “
  8. “It’s very important for a brand to have an identity through the years, but its very important as well to evolve because times change so fast.”
  9. “The three biggest fashion mistakes are cheap suits, shoes, and shirts. Send your money on something good.”
  10. “Elegance is always in style for men. There are different kinds of elegance. It can be silk, it can be a T-shirt.”
  11. “Fashion is a weapon that you can use when you need it.”
  12. “In my life, I had not other choice that to become a strong person.”
  13. “In order to be responsible, you need some discipline in your life. For a while, I lost mine.”
  14. “Die and born again, die and born again. It’s the story of my life.”
  15. “In fashion, only sexy won’t go out of fashion.”
  16. “A business woman needs a successful mix of design and practicality.”
  17. “I understand that the rule of fashion is to change, even as a successful designer- you do not want to be stuck in the same rut.”
  18. “Many young people don’t know what Versace represents. I want to show what makes Versace an iconic brand.”
  19. “You can have small moments of happiness in life. You certainly can’t expect years and years of it.”
  20. “You can’t pretend that everybody likes Versace. It would be boring. It’s better to a create a reaction than to create no reaction. That’s dangerous.”
  21. “You can never forget the time you are living in because the past is the past and it will never come back. So to adjust your philosophy and creativity in fashion to the time you’re living in is the most important thing.”
  22. “Let’s just say that beauty inspires me. But I like all beauty- I think it really comes from the inside out.”
  23. “Something has to change is the world. Without change, young people will have no future.”
  24. “I’m a designer and I work very hard at that. People sometimes want to put down fashion by saying that it’s frivilous or superficial, but it’s nor that way at all. It’s actually very hard work.”
  25. “As with most things in my life, I believe you should try to enjoy yourself and never feel like you are a slave to a routine.”
  26. “Powerful women intimidate men. If she’s a really well known woman, she has a career, she’s famous- in that case, men are really afraid.”
  27. “I don’t like balance. Balance is not a word you can use in Versace fashion.”
  28. My muse changes all the time because I think every designer is a bit of muse for themselves in a way- they just don’t want to say it.”
  29. “I have learned to appreciate what I have. And it’s a lot. I’m very lucky.”
  30. “Women should be sure of themselves because women have a lot of capacities. We can achieve so many different things men cannot. I think women are stronger.”
  31. “New York is full of creative people, not only in fashion.”
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  33. “Sometimes big designers are afraid that people won’t recognize them if they change.”
  34. “I know who the Versace woman is because I wear the clothes myself.”
  35. “I do think that exercise is important, not only to keep you in shape but also for your state of mind. However, I am not fanatical about it.”
  36. “Plus-sized women shouldnt think of themselves as a size. They should think of themselves as women with rich goals in life. Size doesn’t mean, really, anything. You can carry your size with pride and dress in a way that you like.”
  37. “Showing your femininity should help your career and not go against your career. Dressing like a man, using the suit to look powerful- that was the ‘80’s, and that didn’t help women.”

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