19 Thought Provoking Quotes From Fashion Designer Tom Ford

“If I was ever going to become a good designer, I had to leave America. My own culture was inhibiting me. Too much style in America is tacky. It’s looked down upon to be too stylish. Europeans, however, appreciate style.” -Tom Ford

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Tom Ford is an American fashion designer who was born in Austin, Texas in 1963. Tom Ford attended NYU, dropped out and began doing advertisements and commercials for major companies. Later, Tom Ford went back to school, attending Parsons The New School for Design to study interior architecture.

Tom Ford got his big opportunity in fashion when he traveled overseas to Europe where he began working for Gucci, whose label at the time was not so hot. With the help and expertise of Tom Ford, Gucci was able to generate a positive shift in their company becoming one of the most powerful fashion houses today. In 1994, Tom Ford was announced the creative Director of Gucci and stepped down 10 years later.

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“It’s really about putting that sort of quality and beauty back into our life.” -Tom Ford

“I probably do have an obsessive personality, but striving for perfection has served me well.” -Tom Ford

“Everyday is one less day.” -Tom Ford

“I do struggle because I’m attracted to beautiful things, yet at the same time I am actually very aware, in some sense, their lack of value and that the most important things in life are your connections to other people.” -Tom Ford

“As a fashion designer, I was always aware that I was not an artist, because I was creating something that was made to be sold, marketed, used, and ultimately discarded.” -Tom Ford

“My goal is to help women to become the best version of themselves.” -Tom Ford

“I don’t work for money any longer. I work for pride.” -Tom Ford

“I worry constantly and obsess over things, but I don’t let fear stand in the way of doing something that I really want to do.” -Tom Ford

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“Your connections with other people are important.” -Tom Ford

“From the time we’re born until, the time we die, we’re kept busy with artificial stuff that isn’t important.” -Tom Ford

“I try to be nice, I try to respect other people, but over the years I’ve learned that all this stuff we do is a bunch of crap. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its place. We are living in a material world, so why not live with something beautiful?” -Tom Ford

“I’m a perfectionist, to the point of insanity.” -Tom Ford

“Iʼm exactly what I seem to be, if you look closely. You know the only thing that has made the whole thing worthwhile has been those few times that I was able to truly connect with another person.” -Tom Ford

“You have to look inside yourself and you have to say, well, what am I about? Why does anyone need this? Why does anyone need a ‘Tom Ford’ jacket? What do I believe in?” -Tom Ford

“Yeah. Iʼve always felt this way. I mean weʼre born alone, we die alone. And while weʼre here we are absolutely, completely sealed in our own bodies. Really weird. Kinda freaks me out to think about it. We can only experience the outside world through our own slanted perception of it. Who knows what youʼre really like. I just see what I think youʼre like.” -Tom Ford

“I am one of those people who isn’t great at anything, but I’m pretty good at most things.” -Tom Ford

“I love fashion, … What I love is the ability to express yourself, to be able to make a product and shoot an ad campaign that tosses you out into the world and lets you have a voice in contemporary culture, iconography. I felt a little bit neutered not having that voice.” -Tom Ford

“I like to just have fun and be silly and say pretty much whatever comes into my mind, do pretty much whatever I want.” -Tom Ford

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