5 Of The World’s Most Expensive Handbags

The Gadino bag made from white crocodile skin and 39 diamonds was created by Hilde Palladino a norwegian designer. This bag is worth a little over $38,000.



The Himalaya Nilo crocodile Hermes Birkin Bag was auctioned in September of this year (2014). Sold for $200,000.

Judith Leiber started her company in 1963. She is famous in creating bejeweled bags. The precious rose bag costs more than $92,000.



The Mouwad 1001 Nights Diamond purse costs 3.8 million.


Hermes Birkin Bag by Ginza Tanaka. The bag comes with a diamond sling that can detach to.be worn as a necklace. With 2000 diamonds on it’s out shell, Japenese designer Ginza Tanaka sold this beautiful bag for 1.9 million dollars.


CoCo Chanel launched her brand in 1909. Chanel’s Diamond Forever Tote is priced at $261,000.

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