Summer 2014 Essentials

Summer is right around the corner and it is only going to get hotter and brighter as time goes by. So I have compiled a list of essentials that you will totally need this summer!!


1. Orange is the new black! First seen in Elle Magazine, this trend has taken off and I must say orange is daring, isn’t it? Well I love it!


2. Wedges are totally in!! They are one of those trends that tend to come back every summer and really never go away.


3. You can never go wrong with a great set of nude pumps in your closet.


4. Amazing Sunglasses. Yes!!!!


5. Deodorant is a must! Something everyone should stock up on. It’s hard to be fashionable and smelly.


6. Definitely invest in a good non plastic water bottle… Plastic in heat… Not really a good combo.


7. Feather earrings are so beautiful. They say so much about the woman wearing them as well.


8. A summer dress. A lady should have a plethera of dresses for the summer. Dresses are all I wear in the summer. Dresses are comfortable and easy to just throw on and look absolutely fantastic!


9. Of course the headscarf, or headband. Every where you look, someone is wearing a bright colored head scarf.


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