10 Success Tips from Monet360

These tips that I am going to share with you will work for anyone. Whether you are running your own business or going to a job interview, these tips will get you far Guaranteed!

1. Wearing a smile can go a long way. A smile is really a huge part in human interaction and will draw people to you. Great for first impressions and for making new friends.

2. Respect. Manners are always a plus and more so rare now a days. Manners are a for sure way to set you apart from the crowd.

3. Networking is key. All networking is, is the ability to speak to others without them having to speak to you first. Whenever I go out, I make my presence known. I smile, say hello, compliment, spark a conversation; it is truly an amazing skill.

6. Love what you do. Do not force finding your niche. It took me exactly 9 months to find mine. I am extremely talented in many areas. I never thought crocheting swimsuits would be the beginning to making a name for myself. But I love what I do. I love even more, the bigger picture.

7. When doing anything, a clean, presentable appearance is a plus. One thing about me is I am always presentable. I would argue that it is not so much what you wear, as it is the appearance of what you wear. Hygiene is a must!

8. Writing a thank you note to everyone who gives you the time of day. So for me, my models, photographers, investors, mentors, all these people deserve a thank you note because they took time out of their lives to help to build my dreams.

9. Confidence is important as well. People will always criticize you no matter what. Even if you do not have the confidence, it is very important to at least fake it for the moment. Pushing past the initial fear.

10. Remembering that no real success happens overnight and without hardwork. Now a days, being famous has become easy, but for me I want to be known by the fruits of my labor and when my work becomes more important than fame, it takes great patience and great work in large mass.

Well thank you all for allowing me to share some of my own tips.!! I want to hear from you? Any ideas to add?


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